Anime-Inspired Dresses: It’s Demon Slayer!

Many of us weren’t even born when anime first came out in the 80s or earlier, but we sure saw a rise in fans when Attack On Titan first came on screen in 2013—triggering mass following online and offline that led to its entry into the infamous ComiCon. 

However, underlying its success was a successor with a similar enthusiasm even more. In 2019, when Demon emerged, it formed an unwavering fandom that persists even today. The viewers astronomically accepted the story, the characters, and its delivery.

You will be surprised to know that this is a big trend on social media and in the fashion industry. With VERO MODA and its large collection, you can find the perfect clothes or dresses online to assemble your “Demon Slayer” inspired outfit. Let’s go!

Nezuko Inspired Pink Midi-Dress:

Nezuko, or Nezuko-Chan, is the main protagonist’s sister, turned Demon, in the series. She is best known for her pink kimono, a dress, playsuit, jumpsuit, midi dress, and short dress of that color range should do the trick. So, a simple pink midi dress paired with a bamboo-like accessory on the mouth, a small bow-like hair accessory paired with chunky sneakers and socks. Keep the makeup super light. Nezuko is well-known for having an adorable appearance with no makeup; you should be ready. Oh! I hope you don’t get almost jumped on by Zenitsu.

Renguko Inspired Red Dress:

Rengoku or Rengoku-San is another memorable character from the series; he was known for his charisma, energy, vibes, and catchphrase while eating, “Umai!!” 

To capture his colors, a bright red dress with flared bat-like sleeves, black tights, a statement necklace, and high boots would be a good choice, and you’d have to say “umai” every time you eat something. Otherwise, that’s a disgrace to his name.

Tanjiro Inspired Black Dress:

This is a special one, inspired by the infamous and ever-passionate, loveable, motivated, and overall ‘nice guy’ protagonist of the series, Tanjiro. Or as Inosuke calls him, Kompachiro”.

Anyway, his style is extremely simple but filled with great detail regarding emotion and nostalgia. A black dress for the base, a green jacket, and a pair of Hanafuda earrings topped with sneakers should pull the whole look together. 

You can switch a dress with a good black patterned playsuit or jumpsuit and throw on a white jacket and white fedora. Voila, you’re the demon king, Muzan Kibutsuji. Man, is this fun or what?! Dressing up is fun already, but it just got better!

Whatever you wear must represent who you like in the series, and try your best to capture the essence of it all. Best advised you wear them at special occasions like Halloween or any themed party; however, there are endless options at VERO MODA to explore and play around to find what suits your inspiration the best. Remember to return by night; there’s a high chance of demon attacks at night. If you do come across a demon, either fight or run. Spoiler: Run.


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