From Court To Track: What Are The Different Types Of Sports Shoes?

Gone are the days when only sneakers were considered the best sports shoes for any activity. Now, we have shoes for every workout and sport, and we must know the differences to pick the ideal shoes for men for your sport. If you wear sports shoes designed for that specific activity, you will feel the difference in how happy and comfortable your feet are while playing. Choosing the ideal footwear from top brands, like Neemans, will always amp up your game and protect your feet from injury. 

Before choosing one, you must know the different types of sports shoes. Let us shed light on different types of athletic shoes, their unique designs, and their purpose across various sporting disciplines.

Types Of Sports Shoes

  • Running Shoes

When you are ready to jog, you need running shoes or joggers with shock absorption qualities and proper cushioning. Running shoes or joggers are specifically designed for forward motion to protect the feet and heel while running. Choose the right running shoes and pair them with stylish track pants for athleisure allure. 

  • Walking Shoes

Walking shoes have more flexible soles and cushioning that offer continued support and comfort. They are lightweight, with extra shock absorption quality in heels to alleviate pain and tenderness in feet. Walking shoes are always rigid at the front with a rounded sole at the bottom that shifts the weight smoothly from heel to toe and enhances your walking experience. Pair them with trendy tracksuits and walk in style. 

  • Tennis Shoes

Tennis demands quick side-to-side movements. You need supportive shoes that provide complete support for your feet inside and out and make your movements smoother. You also need a flexible sole under the ball that supports your foot for fast motions. With additional tread for use on hard courts, tennis shoes combine all these features. 

  • Cross Trainers

These shoes are designed for users who play more than one sport. Versatile and adaptable, these are the perfect sports shoes that support various activities, including gym workouts, fitness classes, and light running. These shoes offer a perfect balance of support, flexibility, and cushioning, making them ideal footwear for individuals who engage in various physical activities. 

  • Trail Running Shoes

These shoes are for individuals who prefer off-road running. They have enhanced traction, durability, and protection with a rugged outsole that offers sufficient grip on uneven terrain. These shoes also protect the feet from debris and rocks, making running more comfortable and smoother. 

  • Basketball Sneakers

Basketball is a game for fast runners and quick responders who require lots of quick movements, sudden stops, and jumps to put the ball in the basket. Therefore, these shoes are designed with ankle support, cushioning, and sufficient traction to provide the required impact protection while playing. 


From the court to the track, each sport demands specialised footwear. Top shoe brands, like Neemans, understand your footwear choices and provide different styles of sports shoes according to the activity, which can effortlessly elevate your game. 


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