What are the possible reasons to purchase a Quartz watch?

The recent watch collection presents its pioneering and creative innovations to amaze its loyal customers with modern designs and advanced technologies that give them infinite precision. In a wide range of styles and designs, the quartz watch collection offers the best choice for everyone with different tastes and dressing styles, from luxurious formal to simple practical.

Let the choice of quartz watch express the personality

Putting on the citizen quartz watch will always add to someone’s appearance more depth and sophistication with a bold statement of professionalism and reliability.

People who love and appreciate watches for men and women know well how much this little piece on their wrist can effortlessly add to their look and tell about their personality. Choose what suits their taste from the practical Citizen quartz watches with multiple characteristics that can tell them much more than just time, expressing the practical and organized side of someone’s personality.

What Is A Quartz Movement In A Watch?

Quartz watches are commonly battery-powered. The battery of the quartz watch sends an electrical signal through a small quartz crystal, making it vibrate at a constant speed. This vibration allows the wearer to have accurate timekeeping.

History Of Quartz Watch

Before the quartz watches came into existence, the Swiss watchmaking industry was thriving with their making of the beloved mechanical timepieces. However, in the mid-60s, there was talk of electronic watches becoming popular with the development of technology, which posed a significant threat to these Swiss watchmakers.

Eventually, in the year, 1969, the first quartz watch was released on the market. It was mainly a Seiko product named the Astron and was gravely impressive. For years to come, brands like Seiko gained success with their quartz watches in the market, while the stubborn Swiss watchmakers refused to join in their market and instead watched their industry slowly decline.

Quartz Watch Mechanism

There is no necessity to boring anyone with a detailed description of the quartz mechanism, but it might be quite helpful to be aware of the working of a quartz watch.

The battery is the powerhouse of the mechanism of these watches. Then the quartz crystal is responsible for accurate timekeeping. As in all timepieces, the gears are used for turning the hour, minutes, and seconds hands.

Why Do Some Quartz Watches Have Jewels?

Jewels are found in many quartz and mechanical watches. These jewels are responsible for reducing friction in their movement. Less friction means more accuracy of the time, and it is a fact how important accuracy is for manufacturers of these quartz watches.

Jewels also help to keep the quartz watch durable and sustainable. The reduced friction means that the watch parts get worn out easily, so the mechanism stays robust for longer.

Reasons to buy quartz watches

Now that it is established what quartz watches are, let’s discuss their possible advantages:

  • Quartz watches last way longer than any other type of watch. It requires fewer repairs which means the mechanism tends to stay sturdy for a longer time.
  • Quartz watches are low on maintenance. It means one doesn’t have to worry about manual winding as the quartz does it for the wearer.
  • One has to pay less for a quartz watch than they do for a mechanical or automatic watch. Theoretically, this means that someone could save lots of money on one timepiece.



Choose the mens watches from the latest collection for elegance that never fades. Engage every piece of the look in presenting the image one wants to deliver about their character. Let their watch convey the message to them of how they value the finest things in life. Whether they wear it for a formal dinner or they are simply adding it to their everyday outfit, their quartz watch will always enrich their look and elevate their appearance.

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