Revive your Confidence with Avani Wigs and Hair Patches

Revive your Confidence with Avani Wigs and Hair Patches

Hair Systems are one of the best hair restoration treatments for men and women who are distressed due to baldness and hair loss. Hair systems do not involve any tattooing, surgery, or medication. They are quick and easy solutions to get your head camouflaged with human hair.

This artificial or real-human hair restoration procedure is a very effective solution for people suffering from Alopecia Areata. Although it is a non-surgical procedure, this procedure needs expertise to initially place on the bald area/spot. Avani Wigs is the best hair patch service in Delhi, and their specialists are trained to not only stick the hairpiece but also style it as per your choice.

Hair Patch Treatment Procedure

Artificial hair restoration treatment is best for individuals who have partial hair loss. The biggest advantage of hair patch for men in Delhi is that there is no surgery involved, which saves you from the needles and recovery time.

This procedure involves carefully placing customized or designed hair patches on the bald spot. Avani Wigs and hair patches are tailor-made to match the customer’s real hair and sit flawlessly on their head. These look more natural when compared to wigs. It is a painless procedure and in most cases, no revisits are needed.

People with this hair restoration treatment can style and comb their hair as they want. They can even carry out other activities such as swimming, cycling, bathing, etc. without having to worry about it flying off or falling. In fact, after the installation of the hairpiece, you’ll end up looking much younger and better than before.

Hair Patch Treatment Procedure

Eligibility and Side Effects

There is no eligibility criterion for hair patch treatment. Anyone who is experiencing hair loss and looking for a non-surgical procedure can opt for it. There are zero side effects as they are made using quality base materials. These monofilament hair patches either have a net or silk as the base material.

Price of Hair Restoration Treatment

At Avani Wigs, you’ll get the best hair loss solutions at the most competitive rates. They offer the top quality real human hair wigs for men in Delhi. They also deal in hair extensions, hair weaving, and hair wigs for women.

Permanent Hair Patch

Hair patches are nonsurgical and are stuck to the scalp using clips or cosmetic glue. The clips and glue are safe and do not cause any allergic reactions. Hair patches by Avani Wigs are long-lasting and can last months to a year.

However, one needs to maintain and care for their hairpiece as needed.

Washing and Caring For Hair System

  • Untangle the hair patch with a wide-tooth comb or brush
  • Wash the hair in warm water. Shampoo it and rinse it thoroughly.
  • Use hair conditioner to retain the quality of your hair
  • Use a towel to dry the hair. It is best to let it dry naturally. by natural air.
  • Style the hair like you please once it is dry

Lastly, hair restoration is easily accessible to one and all. With Avani Wigs solutions, one can be sure to retain their youth and hair as long as they want.

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